The Council of Takis “La Vie en Rose”

Whatever your skin tone, pink will give you a fresh and sparkling complexion! However, if you have very light skin and hair, opt instead for a pale pink and soft. The darker your hair and skin, the more you can afford flashy and pink roses that will contrast and enhance your mine

The Council “Vive la FRONCE! “

326/5000 The frock is your friend, which, well used, modulates and rebalances your figure. If you find that you do not have enough build, and you have a small chest, choose, for example, tops with wide gathered neckline (square collar, boat neck …). The frock adds the pulpy touch to your existing shapes. For the […]

The Council of Takis “1,2,3, Sun”

Which color of clothing to choose according to my complexion and among the trendy colors of summer 2017? If you have a matte complexion, you have the widest choice in color: dare, this summer, the yellow in all its forms, the bright pink pink, cyber blue or even an ultra violet For light-colored, dark-haired skins, […]

The board of Takis “Athleisure”

The chic sportwear is top, but to keep your femininity, I advise you to avoid the total sportswear look. For example, you can wear a nice harem pants with high heels that will gabble your silhouette. Other advice, if you wear a rather casual and wide piece on the lower body (type harem or jogging), […]

Takis’s Board “Hidden / Revealed”

What is hidden / revealed and how to play it? It is the art of unveiling without doing too much! This summer is the time to show your feminine and sensual side! My advice: if you want to unveil your skin or lingerie, first of all do it in small touches. Play the card of […]

The advice of Takis “The Skirt”

I will not give you a board advice as you read everywhere: small, go for the short wallet and if you’re great for the long … whaou what revolutionary advice! Not my advice for the wrap skirt will be according to your body shape. If you are rather round, prefer a flared trapezoid shape associated […]

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