Trendy Shoulder Stripe vs. Shoulder Oversize

Flashback towards the 80s forces, the shoulders are in the spotlight this summer 2017! Bare or oversized it’s up to you: the important thing is that we notice them !!! For my part I chose the bare shoulders! Indeed, this will give your pace a lascivious and sensual side: these naked shoulders were also found […]

“La Vie en Rose” trend

For summer 2017, dare the colors that slam and give pep’s to your dressing room! It’s summer we want sun and joy! Let yourself go to live a colorful season: be radiant, radiant, survitaminated! Céline, Balenciaga, Valentino or Chloé have also adopted it: Yes, PINK IS THE NEW BLACK! From pale pink to fluorescent through […]

Trend “Long live the FRONT! “

The gathering is coming this summer, as announced by Dries Van Noten! As a stylist, I am particularly adept at the frock, and this will be a key element of my collection. Gathering is also a way to adapt to all silhouettes, or to give different aspects to the same model: it is also one […]

Trend “Games of asymmetry”

2016 had begun to introduce them and 2017 saw them assert themselves: asymmetric cuts! This year, they are everywhere, from Saint Laurent to Carven through Paco Rabanne. The advantage of asymmetry is that it gives your silhouette a more dynamic and slender look, and a modernity to the whole. Combined with bare shoulders and flowing […]

Trend «1,2,3, Sun»

In addition to the pink we have already mentioned, 3 colors, in my opinion, also play their game this summer 2017. First soft mint, derived from light green, a mint in fresh water, will give you a shot Freshness and lightness. Totally avant-garde, the soft mint will bring the touch of ultra femininity, and a […]

Trend “The dress”

It is soon summer, so we put on the dress, which becomes, more than ever this summer, THE indispensable piece! And for 2017, long-lived dresses seventies and eighties, summer dresses that lengthen and that give you a bohemian look chic. As already announced in a previous post, asymmetry will be at the heart of our […]

Athleisure trend

To be at the top this summer 2017, one of the strong fashion trends will combine both the chic / sophisticated side to a sportswear / casual side. Because in the city as on the beach, you want to be comfortable while keeping a stylish look! It is the trend “athleisure”, contraction of athletics and […]

Hidden / Revealed Trend

After working all winter (almost J) to have a dream body, we finally, with the beautiful days that arrive, want to show it (but not too much anyway!). It falls well, the summer trend is in the art of suggestion: a modest nudity of hidden / revealed, fluid and supple, with a subtle work of […]

Trend “Broth for this summer! “

In the same vein as the fringe that is at the heart of the 2017 trends (see one of my previous posts), the bubbling is also needed this summer: it is a gathered fabric that brings plenty of volumes and volumes. Loewe, Lemaire & amp; Dries Van Noten have used it in creations, which plunge […]

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