About « Dream creatures, part 1 »

This limited edition collection includes 9 original silhouettes of cocktail and evening dresses, tunics, sarouals, and revisited gandouras, which enhance the woman in an chic and original atmosphere while remaining fluid
and pleasant to wear. 8 silhouettes are exclusively for women and one is mixed.

This collection brings together the opposing forces, the natural and the supernatural, the real and the unreal, … because woman is complex and multifaceted. Each silhouette is also inspired by tales of yesterday and today. The natural is materialized by animal prints, fluid and light materials while the supernatural is expressed in the original curves inspired by reinvented fantastic creatures.

To each animal, flower, legend or myth, there is a symbolism associated with it in different cultures. I have thus blended these different natural and supernatural creatures, to create a line of which the different symbolisms reflect the multiple facets of the woman, here they are…

Paonium - collection Takis "Dream creatures, part1

Paonium, elegance & prosperity

Paradisium - collection Takis "Dream creatures, part1

Le Paradisium, amour & raffinement

Dragon - Collection - Dream Creatures, paty 1

Dragon, energy & character of fire

Stylarum - collection Takis "Dream creatures, part1

Stylarum, Soul depth & sensitivity

Nymphéum - Collection - Dream Creatures, paty 1

Nympheum, grace & spirituality

Zébricorne - collection Takis "Dream creatures, part1

Le Zébricorne, sagesse & excentricité

Léoserp - Collection - Dream Creatures, paty 1

Le Léoserp, courage & intelligence

Sirène - collection Takis "Dream creatures, part1

Siren, sensuality & fascination

Pegase - collection Takis "Dream creatures, part1

Pegase, passion & agility

The originality of my collection ” Dream Creatures, part 1″ also holds in the fact that all models are “unisize”! Indeed, all models are adjustable by means of slide and elastic systems, allowing to adapt to all the silhouettes,
or to give an effect, either more bowed or more relaxed.

Tired of telling you that you will not be able to wear this gorgeous dress because you have taken or lost 2kg ???
All silhouettes of the brand Takis can be adjusted according to your sizes or your desires.
A collection of creatures of dreams and legends designed to sublimate THE dream creature that is woman.
In addition, some models offer elements that can be added or removed from the model,
in order to change the style and the overall look.

In short, depending on his mood, you can highlight your silhouette or camouflage it a bit.

Summer has arrived and we need vitamin colors that reboost! That is why, with my collection ” Dream creatures, part 1″,
I wish to make you vibrate with great colors, patterns and materials.

Regarding the colors, I have chosen for you:

Paonium - Collection - Dream creatures, part1

Cyber blue : a substitute of blue that gives depth
& intensity

Paradisium - Collection - Dream creatures, part1

Soft mint : a derivative of green, avant-garde
& ultra feminine

Dragon - Collection - Dream creatures, part1

Red : sensual & heady

Lèoserp - Collection - Dream Creatures, paty 1

Khaki : for a modern camo effect

Stylarum - Collection - Dream creatures, part1

Cadillac pink : a fresh & sparkling pink

Zebricorne - Collection - Dream creatures, part1

Yellow : bright & dazzling

Sirene - Collection - Dream creatures, part1

prints : also wild & colorful

Nymphéum - Collection - Dream Creatures, paty 1

Black & White stripes : iconic & so chic

With regard to materials and fabrics, I have selected for you noble fabrics, for a “ Glamor & Comfort ” look: muslin & veils are combined with jerseys in a electric & dynamic fluid.
I also took the side of asymmetrical, evanescent and vaporous cuts and silhouettes that sublimate the curves of the woman.

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