The Council of Takis “1,2,3, Sun”

Which color of clothing to choose according to my complexion and among the trendy colors of summer 2017?

If you have a matte complexion, you have the widest choice in color: dare, this summer, the yellow in all its forms, the bright pink pink, cyber blue or even an ultra violet

For light-colored, dark-haired skins, you should illuminate your complexion with a sensual ruby red, a magenta pink or a cadillac pink, a golden yellow or an azure blue. Avoid all pastel colors

If you have a diaphanous skin, type porcelain doll, soft mint, water green, just like blue duck or powdered pink are to be preferred. Avoid cold colors too straightforward, as well as all warm colors.

Finally, for women with skins and golden hair, the color palettes that highlight you range from golden yellow to khaki, passing the shades of green and turquoise

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