About « Dream creatures, part 2 »

Welcome to the world of Takis, an Imaginary world populated with « Dream Creatures ».

In his enchanted universe, the Woman is a sensual and voluptuous Goddess,
who attired herself in the most beautiful garments of the creatures that live there.

Sometimes wild, sometimes fierce, but always subtle and mysterious, She reigns over
this universe with strength and refinement, in symbiosis with these creatures.
Her greatness and power are only matched by her sensitivity and femininity.

Enter the fabulous world of Takis with his new Fall Winter collection, « Dream Creatures, Part 2 »,
a journey where Beauty & Magic mingle with grace, elegance & sensuality in a world of creatures inspired
from myths & legends, flowers & animals, natural & supernatural.

Danaum - Dream Creatures, part 2


Wrapped in her tunic with 3D fishnet hood, the Danaum, inspired by the Celtic Mother Goddess of the
Earth, emerges from her original forest, all in sweetness and seduction.

Its long gold skirt with
floral motifs embroidered with black sparkles like a burst of light, the intensity of which is amplified
by the black and gray 3D fishnet.

Discreet and dazzling at the same time, its mysterious allure combines

the sweetness of the vegetal with the strength of the animal.

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Elfeum - Dream Creatures, part 2


Immortal and endowed with magical powers, the Elfeum governs, in Mistress of the forest, in a blouse
set with wild and polka dots print which knots at the waist, on camel Thai trousers.

Ornamented with
a camel hooded collar and a bolero with XXL golden epaulettes,
its silhouette inspires magic and

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Sirènium - Dream Creatures, part 2


With a gathered dress and long sleeves, black and emerald green, the Sirenium emerges water with
sensuality, in a fluid silhouette and transparency effects of black silk.

Her «fish scales» sequined

jacket floods the Naiad queen with thousands of glittering shards that will dazzle you.

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Orchideum - Dream Creatures, part 2


Evanescent and light, like a magical flower that opens at dawn, the Orchideum displays its attractions in
shades of powder pink, with sensuality and voluptuousness.

Sublimated with rhinestone and feathers on
the collar, this long, refined blouse blows a fresh breeze
with a touch of modernity, for an
ultra-feminine look, with its removable long sleeves with garter effect.

The evanescent black and white
line skirt contrasts with the rose,
with class and sophistication, to sublimate this romantic look.

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Colibrium - Dream Creatures, part 2


Like an agile and multicolored bird that twirls in the air, the Colibrium unveils a black and white lined
kimono blouse with an iridescent khaki veil, and enhanced with a purple feathered bolero.

and dynamic, the silhouette is complemented by khaki harem pants, for a Tokyo-style look, on the border
between Natural & Supernatural futuristic.

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Léopium - Dream Creatures, part 2


Wild and glowing, Leopium roars with energy in a set that combines flamboyant tones with khaki green
for a «wild camo» style. Through a mix of materials and colors, Leopium surprises, disconcerts but
leaves no one indifferent to its strengths.

An asymmetrical bolero, faux fur front, bronze chains in

the back, is posed delicately on a red stripe leopard print blouse, and sleeves in transparent red silk,
closed by a bronze belt.

The red silk symbolizes its lightness, while the fiery faux fur and print evoke

its grandeur. Sensual and intoxicating, your look will unleash the passions

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Nympheum - Dream Creatures, part 2


In this black and white lined kimono dress, your silhouette is lengthened like a nymph of modern times,
and gives you a sexy and glamorous style, on which you can play leaving more or less appear the
legs or the décolleté according to the tightening.

The snake-print turquoise green belt enhances

it with originality, while the bright purple faux- fur cape with python inserts will bring the ultimate
sophistication to your look!

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Feonium - Dream Creatures, part 2


Like the princess of an enchanted world, the Feonium appears, like a mirage, dressed in a long dark
purple spotted skirt, ornamented with a plum muslin in fine embroidery.

Magnified with a double-veiled

blouse, one nude pink, the other pink fuchsia print, its charismatic silhouette is completed with a
powder pink faux-fur bolero.

And like straight out of a fabulous forest, she attires herself, with

charm and fantasy, with mittens extended with long fuchsia feathers, and a powder pink faux – fur muff

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Fauveum - Dream Creatures, part 2


The Fauveum roars its animal beauty, wrapped in her wild lined blouse, which can be knotted and
unknotted according to your desires.

It is completed with a removable scarf-collar that ends in black

faux-fur. Lined with a copper-colored chocolate taffeta for shine effects, it blends with a straight
skirt in sparkling silk.

Venerated and respected, her racy and feline appearance is matched only by her

agility and splendor.

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Serpentum - Dream Creatures, part 2


Inspired by the mythical Japanese creature Nure-Onna, a bewitching snake with a woman’s face,
Serpentum is armed with a delicately sequined bolero with duck-green feathers
and a turquoise pythoneffect waist cincher.

Its silhouette oscillates, with grace & sensuality, in its «kimono-style» printed

python tunic with the degraded colors of green to burgundy & in wide burgundy pants.

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Arcticum - Dream Creatures, part 2


Reigning on the Winter, the Arcticum mingles with the snowy expanses, in a gradient of white, beige,
cream and golden.

In a blend of knitwear, jersey and imitation leather, her majesty of mountains and ice,

unveils a poncho with a cream-embellished golden hood, which combines comfort, warmth and avantgarde.

The harem pants delicately decorated with floral motifs, knitted leggings also enhanced with

gold, transcends this silhouette, to face the cold, with elegance and panache. All, reversible and

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Griffeum - Dream Creatures, part 2


Legendary creature in many civilizations, the griffin, crossing of several feathers and fur animals
inspired me for this silhouette.

In a dominance of black and gold, the Griffeum imposes itself, with

elegance and pride, in a corseted bustier. Faux fur epaulettes ending in long black feathers complete
the top of the outfit, with majesty.

Refined, the slit skirt, embellished with a muff, for a wild and

graceful look.

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Fenixium - Dream Creatures, part 2


Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, stronger and more beautiful, this silhouette dazzles with its
contrasts between black and orange, in a tulle skirt covered with a corset with orange long sides
adorned with a sublime plumage.

An adjustable harness is embellished at the neck of flaming feathers.

And it is wearing a capelet in faux fur, that the Phenixum flies away with force and grace,

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