Takis’s advice: “Bare shoulders vs. oversized shoulders”

If you have naturally wide shoulders, opt instead for bare shoulders and avoid oversize shoulder pads. Instead of hiding them, unfold them with bustier dresses, with or without sleeves. Another trick, if your build complicates you a bit, you can play the glamor card thanks to the asymmetry of your attire at the shoulders; By revealing only one shoulder, it disrupts the volume of your build and gives a very sensual side to your silhouette.

If your shoulders are rather small, then bare or oversized, you have a choice! You will be ultra-sensual shoulders unveiled, but my advice is also for you, to play on asymmetry, to show only one and keep an even more mysterious side. However, you can also accentuate your middle by epaulettes more or less oversize: this summer, it is the moment to dare to take off!

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