Trend «1,2,3, Sun»

In addition to the pink we have already mentioned, 3 colors, in my opinion, also play their game this summer 2017. First soft mint, derived from light green, a mint in fresh water, will give you a shot Freshness and lightness. Totally avant-garde, the soft mint will bring the touch of ultra femininity, and a burst of softness: very pale, it will bring out your tanned skin.

Cyber blue, another highlight of this summer, is a deep blue that is noticeable; Combined with stripes for example, it will give your look an electrical intensity, and suitable for clear skins as well.

Finally, the kaki, again and again, in total look or association with a flashy color, will be indispensable this summer for a modern camo effect; Color slightly rebellious, the khaki must however be used while finesse and sophistication. To be married with black and white or for a more fun original and vitamin, in colors more festive red, yellow or pink of course!

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